Horrendous ones r watchin us

If you believe that God is everywhere
Than you must believe that
devil is also here
In the light they may be weak
but in the night they are just freaks
sometimes in the dark you may feel that someone is near
it is nothing but "their" fear
you seldom avoid looking into the mirror in the night
as you fear that you will fall in the devil's sight
you shiver when the clock reads 12 o' clock because
you believe that this is their wake up call
you repudiate ghouls
you repudiate cannibals
but I imprecate that you will
chill to your bones
and will make your teeth chatter
if they show you their anger
yet you argue about their existence
but your heart accepts them with a vengeance
one day you will feel
their cold breath
and will taste
the smell of death
that day you will cry for your dishonor
as show is not run by only one power

Dark Dayzzzz..............

So this happens when your worst days are going on
every one ditches you off and
you are left with nothing except frustration.
Life takes its toll if it is left free
than it is just like a sapless tree.
Whenever i think that life would become better
the next day only my dreams shatter.
I try to procrastinate them away
but they swallow me on the way.
I found myself lonely in this world
and began to fear if i am going to be culled.
I keep running away from miseries of life
but always feels like i am walking on the edge of the knife.
I try hard to get out from there
but it also leads me to nowhere.
I am still waiting for the happier days
but truth is that i am still in the air of despair.
If these clouds of darkness would not fade away
than i would left only with the tears to shed away.......

True Love

oh god don't give me dreamless nights
instead give me sleepless nights
so that I can atleast think about her
as it is only the dreams where i can match my eyes with her's
where we are not merely strangers
i always feels that love is in the air
but she never cares
it might be possible that i don't worth her
but my love truely worth her
and the hope of winning her heart is always alive
one day she would surely be mine
one day my heart would be enlightened by her love
that day would be the most beautiful day of my life
but if i may not able to get her in this life
than my last day in this world would be the most beautiful day
as it would be my another chance to win her
not in this world but
in another world far away from this sapless world
there god might not be so cruel to me
and there only I may be able to complete my
Love Story